Snow Canyon 2023 - Photography and post production by Trey Mills

- One Nation Under God -

We are courageous Americans who are not afraid to share our ideas, to stand out, and to strengthen each other’s patriotism. Flying this huge flag across a 600-foot canyon wall has had far more impact than ever anticipated. The simple idea turned into something much more than “simple”.

The feelings standing under that flag at the base of a beautiful mountain are palpable. It becomes a hallowed place. Mothers of fallen soldiers have stood beneath the waving flag and wept. Veterans stood in silence with hands over their hearts, tears streaming down their faces. Most importantly, children were absolutely inspired and excited by the sight.

Each one of us has the responsibility to be courageous, to speak out, to have hope, and to inspire patriotism in others. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, religious or not, the spirit of the American flag has a way of making us all feel connected.


Honor the men, women and children who give and sacrifice their time, efforts and sometimes their lives to safeguard the freedoms of the USA.


Heal as many as we can who are fighting the battle of everyday trials, suffering from health issues, handicaps, war trauma, abuse, loss of loved ones, homeless and more. Warm hearts and make them smile.


Inspire all who cross our path with a new strength and drive to rise up and raise up a more unified American people. Open minds, hearts and eyes to the truths that surround us. Deliver understanding as to why we are chosen and blessed to walk on this chosen God given ground.

2023 Flag Deployment

Magic Valley 9/11 Memorial

Twin Falls, ID

Video Credit - Kelly Franson

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